Safekeeping your Valuable Jewellery

Who doesn’t like jewellery? We all have pretty faces, and our pieces are there to complement our looks or help us stand out even more. For this kind of favor, we would want to keep our jewellery intact and kept safe, right?

Everyone may know by now that there are jewellery boxes for this purpose. Jewellery boxes are essential in keeping your accessories in one place, where they’ll be safe from degradation and/or misplacement. After all, some of them can be difficult to obtain or replace. Therefore, you’ve got to store your valuable jewellery properly. For this, you’ll need a jewellery box.

Another question is, what is the best jewellery box for you?

In Australia, you have the ones by My Treasure Box. Their mission is to bring the finest jewellery boxes and watch boxes to everyone, everywhere in Australia. Not only that they offer the best designs and concepts, they also have the best prices around, as well as a great personalized customer service.

Every item that they have has the Best Price Guarantee, which ensures that they are delivering products to their customers that are in their best quality and value. This means that the price already includes free shipping across Australia; they have warehouses at various locations to deliver to you your products quickly and efficiently.

Selected Products

My Treasure Box offers a wide array of jewellery boxes, and there are different sizes and colors for your varying taste. Below are some of My Treasure Box’s jewellery boxes, with descriptions. If you want to see their complete stock of jewellery boxes, just visit their site at Get yours today for as low as $59.95!

1. Casa Uno Bicast Leather Jewellery Box, Blue, 13cm

Colorful and has a playful design, this jewellery box is made of textured faux leather. It has a pretty straightforward design; while not being very fancy compared to the other boxes, its funky design and an added mirror makes sure that it is already doing its job: keep your jewellery in one place, and get to see them in the mirror if you’re checking yourself out wearing your accessories. One can get this box for only $59.95.

2. Kandi Pull Out Drawer Jewellery Box, Metallic Blue Finish, 30cm

Having a metallic blue exterior and a candy pink velour lining interior, this jewellery box will indeed suit a lady who would prefer pastels and metallic colours, yet stay stylish and trendy. It also has a small mirror inside the lid for ease of viewing in times when you want to check how you would look wearing your jewellery.

The first layer which can be revealed by opening the lid is divided into three parts, with the middle part being made to accommodate rings and earrings. The pull out drawer is the bottom layer where you may put some of your wristwatches in. It even comes with a small pillow. Grab this cute jewellery box for $169.00

3. Pearl Time Striped Jewellery and Watch Box

This is not your typical jewellery box: this fellow comes in with a piano brown finish that would allow it to fit easily into existing decorations, and it is also massive. Sporting ten watch holders, a double ring roll for your rings and earrings, and a swivel tray, this jewellery and watch box provides the most versatile storage solution for your items. This beauty, with a price tag of $229.00, also comes with a lid mirror.

As mentioned earlier, the list does not end here. There are many more jewellery boxes available on My Treasure Box. Be sure to check them all out and see which one is perfect for your needs!

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