Useful Advice about Cleaning Wooden Cutting Board

A wooden cutting board adds a striking touch to kitchen décor. The classic vintage look of this implement enhances the beauty and elegance of a kitchen. But most importantly, a wooden cutting board is a functional tool. It supports in faster and easier dicing, cutting, chopping, and carving meat. Moreover, it keeps the knife’s edge sharp and functional.

It is true that wooden cutting boards especially ones that are made from strong wood like walnut can last for several decades. However, the lack of maintenance and care can cause immediate damage on the board. Therefore, you have to do proper maintenance to prevent shortening the lifespan of a cutting board.

If you’ve got a wooden cutting board but has no idea on how to properly take care of it, no worries friend. There are online sources that provide tips and advice about preserving wooden cutting board functionality and appearance. One of these trusted sources is the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

Now, to give you some ideas on how to handle your wood cutting board, below are some advice for proper maintenance and care of this kitchen implement.

#1 Daily Cleaning

Always wash the cutting board every after use. Make sure to remove all food debris left on the board to prevent bacteria from festering. Scrub both the bottom and top surface of the board to get rid of the remaining food and stains. You can use hot soapy water for washing.

After doing so, pat dry the board using paper towels. Also, let it stand on edge with the top and bottom surfaces facing out to drain excess water.

#2 Use Oils and Wax

Once the cutting board is dry, the next step is to apply oil. You can use food grade oil for this step like mineral oils. Applying mineral oil helps in retaining moisture as well as prevents bacteria from growing. It also keeps the board on its best shape.

After applying mineral oil and letting it dry, put a generous amount of wax on the entire surfaces of the board. Using a wood polishing wax for cutting boards preserves its appearance. Furthermore, it stops microbes from festering on the wood. Thus, using wax keeps your cutting board hygienic.

You can find like one of these wood cutting board polishing waxes here at the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

#3 Deep Cleaning

Aside from daily cleaning, do a deep cleaning at least once or twice a week. Deep cleaning sanitizes your cutting board and assures it is safe to use for food preparation. Additionally, it removes lingering strong odors from ingredients like garlic, onions, herbs, and seafood.

You can use natural cleaning agents for this process. Examples of it are baking soda, salt, lemon juice, and vinegar. If you want more ideas on how to prepare a natural cleaning combo for your wood cutting board, check out the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

When cleaning your cutting board there are some things you have to avoid. You must not soak the board in the water, use harsh cleaning agents like full-strength vinegar as well as strong bleach. Furthermore, avoid using furniture polish in waxing the board’s surfaces.

For additional info on how to take care of your wood cutting board, go to Virginia Boys Kitchens.

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